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People who achieve financial success possess attitudes and behaviors that differ from those who struggle in life. Let us show you how to break from your past, control your present and transform your future-it all begins with the seven wealthy habits.

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“I hoped to gain insight on how to invest and how to gain financial security.I learned how to manage and secure my finances.  I learned how to spend less and save more. I learned financial terminology and strategies that enable me to make sound investment decisions.  This program helped me not to be fearful and to invest and secure my purse!”

Jean DeVeaux


Nickel And Dime Your Way To Wealth

NickelandDime Ebook Every day millions of people wake up and believe they have no chance of ever achieving financial security. “Nickel and Dime Your Way to Wealth” shares the remarkable story of a parking attendant and how he accumulated a small fortune. Download your copy today.
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Love and Money Financial Makeover Kit

Are you a couple struggling with your finances? This kit comes with instructions on how couples can apply the seven wealthy habits and begin their journey to financial independence. You will be armed with the knowledge to change your financial condition.
$117.00  $10.00 shippingpixel A Purse of Your Own Financial Makeover Kit

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    Wealth Building Resources

    A Purse of Your Own

    This indispensable guide is filled to the brim with methods to combine the feminine powers of intuition, creativity, and empathy to build wealth. You will find useful worksheets, resource guides, and examples of real women from housewives to executives who have dramatically changed their lives.
    Nickel And Dime Anniversary

    Nickel and Dime Your Way To Wealth

    Do you believe you will never have enough money to invest? This book shares the remarkable story of a parking lot attendant who never earned more than $12.00 an hour and grew a million dollar portfolio. New anniversary edition includes the seven wealthy habits.

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