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Learn seven wealthy habits™ and shift from an income to a wealth mindset.

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Deborah Owens is The Wealth Coach. ™ She is on a mission to close the wealth gap for women and minorities. They say you are solidly middle class but your six-figure income  is not turning into wealth?You simply followed all the rules only to learn that it doesn’t lead to the peace and prosperity you had expected. Let us show you how to shift from an income to a wealth mindset. People who achieve true wealth possess attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that differ from people who achieve a modicum of success. Our wealth coaching programs share what financially successful people know that most people don’t.

The principles that we teach are The Seven Wealthy Habits™; the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of successful people derived from our research and published works. We can help you assess where you are and what specific steps to take to achieve personal, professional and financial success.

Learn more about our Wealth Coaching Programs  or schedule an exploratory session to determine which options fits your particular situation.

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 I did a complimentary call with Deborah Owens. She is such a great listener and really wants you to get crystal clear on your goals and values and how it pertains to wealth. She challenges you to take your wealth knowledge higher, beyond what you think you already know. Not only that, she helps you start to think like a wealthy woman from Day 1. I enjoyed our complimentary call and feel like this would be a great investment towards my future. 
Ashley Askew,


I am now more confident with moving forward in planning for myself and my family’s financial future than I was when we first started. I knew I had a vision for myself and my family but did not know how to bring it to fruition. You listened and helped me to set goals and stay focused on what I wanted. I don’t feel I could have ever done this without you and I know that God placed you in my life for a reason. I believe this was one of the best investments I have made in myself because the knowledge, confidence, and boldness I have gained is priceless. You have taught me how to equip myself with everything I need to know before making financial decisions and I can now teach others how to do the same. I look at the cost of these sessions as being small compared to everything I have gained and will continue to gain in the future. For anyone who is still on the fence about investing in these sessions, it’s time to get off the fence. I guarantee you will not regret it.
Michele Tooson,

 Life changing. It was truly an wonderful experience. Can’t wait to learn more about investing.
Tamika Evans,

 My 1st session was amazing. Ms. Owens shared her expertise which allowed me to have a few key insights during our conversation. She knows how to guide and teach in a positive nurturing manner. Looking forward to the rest of the program.
Crystal Davis,

I hoped to gain insight on how to invest and how to gain financial security.I learned how to manage and secure my finances.  I learned how to spend less and save more. I learned financial terminology and strategies that enable me to make sound investment decisions.  This program helped me not to be fearful and to invest and secure my purse.”
Jean Deveaux,

I hoped to gain knowledge about investing and about how to manage money I have right now so that I can move toward wealth. I learned how to determine which stocks are worth investing in. It helped remove my fears.”
Tanyai Coates

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      A Purse of Your Own Financial Makeover Kit

      Break from your past, control your present and own your future from the comfort of your own home. This DIY Financial Makeover Kit  comes with instructions and includes :A Purse of Your Own Book, A Purse of Your Own Journal, Money Diary,  Audio Book. Confident Investing Audio Book. Bonus Nickel and Dime Your Way To Wealth Book. Join women across the country who are ridding themselves of debt and learning how to spend, save and invest to build wealth.

      Nickel and Dime Your Way To Wealth

      Do you believe you will never have enough money to invest? This book shares the remarkable story of a parking lot attendant who never earned more than $12.00 an hour and grew a million dollar portfolio. New anniversary edition includes the seven wealthy habits.

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