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Learn seven wealthy habits™ and shift from an income to a wealth mindset.

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Your household income says you’re solidly middle class and yet that income isn’t turning into wealth. Are you ready to learn how to shift from an income to a wealth mindset? It all begins with the seven wealthy habits.™


“The information on investing has made the most impact. I was able to transfer a Roth IRA over to T Rowe Price, talk intelligently with the broker and make a decision on the type of investment I wanted to put the funds in
Jacque Chase
I hoped to gain knowledge about investing and about how to manage money I have right now so that I can move toward wealth.  I learned how to determine which stocks are worth investing in.  In the words of Deborah Owens, “If you don’t do money; money will do you!
Tanyai Cato
This program helped me stop being fearful and learn how to invest.  
Jean Deveraux

The Best of Wealthy U

I love watching @tvonetv @newsonenow when @deborahowens is on.#wealthu #greatadvice #always.
I’m waiting for to give Deborah her own show. You are worth 30 minutes thank you!.
J. Scurry..


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    Wealth Building Resources

    A Purse of Your Own

    This indispensable guide is filled to the brim with methods to combine the feminine powers of intuition, creativity, and empathy to build wealth. You will find useful worksheets, resource guides, and examples of real women from housewives to executives who have dramatically changed their lives.
    Nickel And Dime Anniversary

    Nickel and Dime Your Way To Wealth

    Do you believe you will never have enough money to invest? This book shares the remarkable story of a parking lot attendant who never earned more than $12.00 an hour and grew a million dollar portfolio. New anniversary edition includes the seven wealthy habits.


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