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Essence Magazine: Creating Your Financial Legacy

March 31, 2013 by  
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Essence April Front page Essence Magazine: Creating Your Financial LegacyEssence April Essence Magazine: Creating Your Financial Legacy




















Read more in April Issue Essence Magazine.








2 Responses to “Essence Magazine: Creating Your Financial Legacy”
  1. Juliet says:

    Good morning:

    I am learning to really depend on my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and as I look at the email with your company name I really became impressed to read on. After reading on a bit I also became impressed to pursue further and that this may be a great opportunity. I am now impressed that i need to get on board to investing in the right interest and gaining a purse of my own. This is a cry. I hope you and your organization are a giant step towards turning my life around. I am not sure of where to begin. I of course am curious even though it looks like a sure deal is this the real truth. all I can say is I hope so. I am going to try and start “Pursonal Success Plan” as soon as I can financially. I am just asking that if you can please help me get going. I am very sincere and will show that.


    Juliet P Ellis

  2. Deborah Owens says:

    Hi Juliet,
    I am so glad you found us and although your path to financial security won’t be easy I feel confident in sharing that we feel confident that we can change women’s lives one Purse at a time. Visit our A Purse of Your Own Community at for free resources. Stay tuned for webinars and other strategies that will help you create
    a purse of your own.


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