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Dr. William F. Pickard, is Chairman of Global Automotive Alliance, Co-Managing Partner, MGM Grand Detroit Casino, CEO, Bearwood Management Company and co-owner of five black-owned newspapers. He is here to discuss his new book, Millionaire Moves: The Seven Proven Principles of Entrepreneurship

Dr. Pickard Welcome to Wealthy Radio


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Do you ever dream of winning the lottery? Would you quit your job if you did win? I am not a big believer in playing games of chance. I learned an invaluable lesson after securing my first summer job at The Detroit Historical Museum at the ripe old age of eleven. To get to work, I caught the bus to downtown Detroit to transfer to another bus and there just happened to be a carnival visiting town. I was fascinated with winning a giant stuffed Teddy bear, and when I received my first paycheck, I spent the huge sum of twenty dollars without much success. I was so angry that I decided to buy a Coke at the Kresge lunch counter. As I was walking toward the counter, I looked up and saw the same stuffed Teddy Bear from the carnival hanging on the wall on sale for $9.99. It was at that point that I realized that I could have had ten dollars in my pocket and bought my own Teddy Bear. That is the reason I can go to Las Vegas, or on a cruise and have no desire to gamble. I'd rather bet on myself. How about you?

This evening I have the pleasure of interviewing, Dr. Bill Pickard about his new book, Millionaire Moves: The Seven Proven Principles of Entrepreneurship. He hails from my hometown of Detroit and his success can be measured by the legions of people he has bet on that are successful in their own right.

Join in the conversation this evening at 7PM EDT and listen online at WEAA.org. 


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Karen Cahn CEO Ifundwomen.com

Are you a woman who settles for what she is given with the hashtag #grateful or are you determined to get what you deserve? Our next guest is on a mission to close the extreme funding and confidence gap that exist for women led businesses. She is the Founder and CEO of iFundWomen, a crowdfunding platform for women-led startups and small businesses. Karen is a pioneer in the digital media space, and was an early Google employee where she spent 10 years leading various monetization teams in search, display and video. Most recently, Karen spent three years as General Manager of AOL Original Video, and was responsible for business strategy and strategic partnerships.

She is all about helping women get the funding they need to get their businesses off the ground.

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deborahowens@verizon.net <![CDATA[Winning In Business and Life]]> http://www.deborahowens.com/newsite/?p=8445 2017-08-17T21:49:52Z 2017-08-17T19:40:53Z read more →]]> Instagram Graphic Ideas (19)The two richest men in America, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates attained their wealth through entrepreneurship. It really is how wealth is created in America. My guest this evening is an Executive, Business Woman, Entrepreneur, Professor and Public Servant and an advocate for women and minority owned business. She began her career in information technology as one of the first African Americans to gain acceptance in Equitable Trust’s programming training class, she spent over twenty years as a software developer and engineer progressing through the management ranks Baltimore Federal Financial, USF&G and ultimately with the General Electric. She is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of the Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council (CRMSDC). Recognized in the field of diversity and inclusion, Pinder brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in transforming minority and women business programs.

deborahowens@verizon.net <![CDATA[If You Are Trying Not To Lose, You Will Not Win!]]> http://www.deborahowens.com/newsite/?p=8441 2017-08-15T22:49:07Z 2017-08-15T22:49:07Z read more →]]> athewellpicI had the pleasure of speaking to a group of young women scholars at Princeton University last week. The one thing I have learned about speaking to young people is to make the presentation interactive. To that end, we had them form teams to compete in a portfolio challenge. Each team had to invest $10,000 in the stocks of ten companies based on their growth in the previous ten years. Nothing like a little competition to get the energy flowing in the room. They were in it to win it!

So the question I have for you is, “Are you playing to win or are you trying not to lose?

Far too many people have been standing on the sidelines of one of the most historic increases in the stock market because they were looking back at the 2008 financial crisis. One of the insights that I have gained through wealth coaching is that people fear the unknown and hate uncertainty. The real truth is that your ability to build wealth is directly related to your ability to take calculated risks.

If you are trying not to lose, you cannot win!

Here's what you can do to start playing offense instead of defense with your finances:

  1. Set up a model investment portfolio at a website like yahoo.finance.com and or nasdaq.com and learn how to research and analyze stocks.
  2. Start small. Use financial apps like http://robinhood.com or acorns.com that allow you to invest for as little as $10.00. You will be an investor and experience the actual ups and downs of the market.
  3. Invest in S & P 500 index fund. Invest in a broad array of large company stock and get diversification with low fees. An index fund is a conservative low-cost, effective way to invest.

A recent estimate by the Ellevate Network indicated that women, in particular, are leaving serious money on the table by not investing.

“If you put 20% of your salary in a diversified investment portfolio — one made up of stocks and bonds — rather than leaving that money in cash you’ll earn an additional $500,000 to $2.1 million throughout your career.”

Remember, if you are trying not to lose, you cannot win!

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Have a prosperous week!

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The father of the 401k, Ted Benna intended it to be as simple for employees as pensions; now they offer too many investing options and too many opportunities to make mistakes.”




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The job market is improving, but stress levels are higher than ever. You're going above and beyond the call of duty. Coming into work early, leaving late and yet somehow you're not feeling euphoric about your current brilliance bookstate of mind. Are you suffering from burnout? My guest this evening is has spent her career coaching executive sin competitive work places like Oracle and Charles Schwab. Denise R. Green specializes in sharing what you can do to transform your burnout into brilliance.






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A young woman, Michelle that I met shared this, “A teacher in middle school told me I would never be good at math. I decided to go into a profession that would not require a lot of math and became a nurse.” Words are powerful. Far too many of my conversations are with women who have bought into this myth that finance and crunching numbers are too complicated. It becomes their excuse to either not invest or delegate the responsibility to someone else. Listen up ladies, “If you don't do numbers, numbers will do you in” I was not surprised when I saw the findings from a Retirement Income Planning Quiz in which 72 percent of older women flunked basic retirement income financial literacy concepts. One of the most surprising findings was that women who used a financial advisor had the worst financial literacy.

“Listen up ladies, “If you don't do numbers, numbers will do you in.”

No judgment here ladies. I attended a Catholic high school and did not take any high-level math courses until I got to college.The “girls” in my generation were put into business administration which was simply a glorified secretarial track. I learned how to type and do shorthand while my male counterparts took college prep courses. I failed miserably in my first algebra course at college and believe that the reason I dropped out of college initially was that I felt I didn't measure up. However, what I learned when I started my career in the investment industry was that I had a real knack for understanding price earnings ratios, income statements, and balance sheets. I also developed the unique ability to demystify investment concepts and make it easy for anyone to understand. In other words, “learning how to invest is not that serious.”

Like me, Michelle knew more about numbers than she gave herself credit for. Michelle was a nurse oncologist whose responsibilities included administering medications and chemotherapy in precise amounts. A few years after meeting her, what I can say now is she is no longer afraid because she knows how to invest. She is contributing the maximum to her 401K and has a diversified portfolio of stocks, mutual funds. “I have learned how to equip myself with everything I need to know before making financial decisions, and I can now teach others how to do the same.” Michelle is no longer, “comfortable in her fear.”

Benjamin Franklin said it best, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Deborah Owens is America's Wealth Coach and CEO of WealthyU.WealthyU incorporates a training framework of seven wealthy habits,™ that increase the financial capability of employees. To inquire about our programs or to schedule a session for your organization click here.

deborahowens@verizon.net <![CDATA[How Boomers Can Turn Setbacks Into Success]]> http://www.deborahowens.com/newsite/?p=8376 2017-07-26T15:08:24Z 2017-07-26T15:08:24Z read more →]]> John Tarnoff is a reinvention career coach who provides career counseling for baby boomer and late career professionals looking to defy ageism, ignore retirement, and pivot to a new job or new business as a second-act or encore career. Fired 39% over the course of his 40-year career as a Los Angeles-based entertainment industry executive, John learned the secrets of turning setbacks into successes.

His methodology is captured in his 2017 Amazon #1 bestselling book “Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50,” a modular, practical, accessible program of five steps and twenty-three underlying career strategies.

deborahowens@verizon.net <![CDATA[Wealthy Radio: Paying Off College Loan Debt]]> http://www.deborahowens.com/newsite/?p=8371 2017-07-26T14:53:56Z 2017-07-26T14:53:56Z read more →]]> Undergraduates are leaving school with 30,000 in college loan debt and many are wondering if was worth it. A recent survey indicated that folks are almost suicidal thinking about how they are going to repay their loans.

Tisa L. Silver Canady, MBA, is the director of financial education and wellness at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, where she is responsible for campus-wide financial literacy programming and debt management. Since joining the University in 2011, Tisa has personally advised students on the repayment of more than $25 million in student loan debt.